Alícia Casadesús, (L’Esquirol,1968)

The artistic work that defines her career often talks about the places, through reflection and perception of the place where this is set, whether rural, urban or online.

In her own words, “I let myself become imbued with its breath and then think about it, meditate on it, and create… I live art as an inextricable part of life. As a way of being, looking, thinking and telling the world. Telling it in a slow way, a bit against the flow of how we normally experience the world… In each work, the piece gradually becomes more and more firmly grounded in the territory in which I live. I walk it, I penetrate the path, I speak from its substance.”

For some time now, her concerns have revolved around the way we look at art, and at life in general, and that is why the way the work is shown becomes a cause for reflection and part of its very content.

She has often worked with poets and artists engaged in other discipline, sharing gazes. Casadesús once more:
“Telling evanescence and durability; telling light, gesture, relations, the substances of things. Telling nature.
“I do so close to silence, trying to give the spectator a silence too, amid the roaring turmoil of the society we live in.”
The result is work that comes close to poetry and is created in order to be lived, felt and thought. Her pieces are often ephemeral, made and unmade in the place for which they are created, and lasting only in the spectators that formed part of them, and in publications devoted to them.